Major Services

Health Facilities

AOP provides timely, reasonably charged and state-of-the-art medical facilities at top class hospitals, diagnostic centers and fitness clubs to ensure that its members are in the safe hands.



If you are an AOP member, you’ve got a ticket to enjoy food at some of your favorite restaurants and food chains at amazingly discounted rates.


AOP shakes hands with prominent academic institutions to bring high-quality education for AOP members and their families at extremely subsidized fee rates.


Business Support Program

If you plan to start a business or already doing one, we know how to maximize your profits. AOP collaborates with business support agencies which provide consultancy and financial support to boost your business.

Investment Opportunities

Nothing interests us more than your financial stability in your homeland. AOP has developed exclusive investment plans and opportunities for its members, which guarantee consistent and profitable returns on your money.


AOP is continuously working to bring for its members more and more shopping opportunities. You can avail exclusive discounts, offers and packages at leading brands on your AOP Membership Card.

Strategic Partnerships

        AOP has partnered with leading brands to provide state-of-the-art services to its members.

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