FAQs About AOP

Q no.1: What is the agenda of AOP?
To honor and acknowledge the role of Overseas Pakistanis in the nation’s development and progress by providing them easy access to valuable information, resources, facilities, services and privileges.
Q no.2: What is the process of registration in AOP?
Fill in the simple registration form (given at our Facebook page and website) and get the FREE membership.
Q no.3: What are the benefits of AOP Membership Card?
The large number of benefit includes:
(i) Stable and profitable investment opportunities
(ii) Business Support, Health, education, food, shopping, travel and tourism, Accommodation facilities
(iii) Legal protection to overseas Pakistanis’ investments in real estate sector of Rawalpindi and Islamabad
Q no.4: Expenses of this card and requirements as well?
AOP Membership is absolutely FREE. You are just required to fill in a simple form, available on our Facebook page and website.
Q no.5: How we will be receiving the card?
The Card will be delivered on your given Pakistani address.
Q no.6: Where we can use this card and gets exclusive service?
The card can be used at almost all the leading brands and companies of the twin cities. For details, please visit our website and Facebook page.
Q no.7: What time would it take to process the card?
We take a maximum of two weeks to process the card.
Q no.8: Why AOP do not deliver cards to the residing countries of its members?
Currently, the AOP Membership Card can be utilized only in Pakistan. Therefore, delivering it overseas is unnecessary.
Q no.09: What are the difference between OPF card & AOP card?
AOP is a self-funded trust, established by Graana Group of Companies, which works in close collaboration with the government and private organizations. Its membership is free and provides an easy access to increased number of services, including profitable investment opportunities and business support program in Pakistan.
Q 10. Why we need to provide CNIC/NICOP or passport number?
So that we could mention it on the Card and you could utilize it without any inconvenience.